Insurance Regulations

18 Hours


Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

The main aim of this course is to allow onlearners to understand the role of Regulatory Law in insurance, reinsurance, private pension plans and capitalization. To this end, the course will explore the social-historic context of the model adopted by Brazil in designing its legal-regulatory framework and the institutions responsible for regulating the insurance market activity. Although regulation and monitoring are not conducted by regulatory agencies but rather by autarchies, a parallel will be drawn with the regulatory agency model so as to identify similarities and differences and possible improvements in the existing system.

Program content

An Overview of Regulation in the Brazilian Insurance Sector

The History of the State Interference

Market Regulation Need

The 1929 Crisis

The Social Welfare State

The Role of the Brazilian Reinsurance Institute

The American Regulatory Agency Model

Features of Regulatory Agencies

The Brazilian Regulatory Model

Decree no. 73/66 - The National Private Insurance System

The National Private Insurance Council

The Superintendence of Private Insurance

The National Private Insurance Resource Council

Legal Control of the Regulatory Activity Performed by Regulatory and Monitoring Institutions

Conflict between Infra-legal Regulations and Strict-sense Regulations

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